Your cat deserves that special someone too!

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Every day my John (cat) just rested. All day long he used to just sit there. He used to be a really lazy bum and it annoyed the heck out of me! That’s when I found A wife was the perfect medicine for his pathetic apathy! Now they both just sit there, doing nothing. At least he’s not pathetic anymore.


My cat has always been a true fighter in life. When her mind is set, she’ll keep going until she catches her prey. But over time, she became distracted. That’s when I decided to register on Eileen is very happy with her new tomcat and hunts happily once again. I’m so very proud of her! *laughs*


This beast. *points at Stavros* He used to be a menace to every cat around him! He was aggressive and fought whenever he felt like spilling blood. It became a huge problem when he scratched the neighbour in the face. But changed all that. The pussy we found for him really eases his mind!